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Piano Companion 3.0 for iOS is out
Piano Companion 3.0 for iOS with Chord Progression is available on Apple Store. 
Piano Companion 2.1 for iOS is out
The major update is ready for download. It includes full iPad support, circle of fifths, altered chords. 
Piano Companion 3.0 for Android is out
New version includes Chord Progressions, Circle of Fifths, lots of new altered chords. 
Piano Companion 1.0 for iOS is available
The first iOS version is available for download.
Piano Companion 2.0 for Android is out
New version incudes reverse lookup, circle of fifths, more chords and lots of other improvements.
Meet our new projects
Binitex is proud to announce the release of two our car rental portals: and Both sites offer cheap car rentals in thousands of locations around the world.
Piano Companion 1.0 for Android is out
Piano Companion is a flexible chord & scale dictionary with user libraries and reverse mode. 
Binitex site translated into Latvian

We have translated english site's content into Latvian. Now Binitex site is available for latvian-speaking audience too!

Binitex introduced modern development technologies to customer's team in India
TypeMaster Launched

Since the most of Binitex projects are enterprise intranet projects, we started work on several open projects. TypeMaster is the first public project.

Binitex celebrates the first anniversary
Binitex site translated into Russian

We have translated english site's content into Russian. Now Binitex site is available for russian-speaking audience too!

Official launch of the site

It's happened finally! The Binitex home page is live and running. Please share with us your ideas and feedback about this site.