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Document Management System — A Framework for Any Business

We specialize in the creation of effective electronic document management systems, full business process automation, safe integration with B2B services to ensure easy access, and the processing of key company data. In every project we work on, development and implementation of complex solutions are based on the requirements of the particular customer. As a result, the CRM-systems we create become the key element of the customer’s business, forming the basis for rapid sales growth and improving the service quality for end users.

Business Cases:


Booking Group is an expert-company in the car rental business and is included in the world’s top ten car rental companies. The company’s product—the website EconomyBookings.com—is one of the major sites providing a high-quality online booking service car rentals.

Task and Solution

Booking Group needed to automate the sales processes for thousands of daily users. Our company created an electronic document management system to process customers’ reservations, which could automate the process of car booking for over 1,000 suppliers starting from scratch. We fully automated the communication between the customers and rental companies, and our the CRM-system has become the major business engine. Under the project, our company also ensures day-to-day operation of the key processes of Booking Group’s IT-department.


TrialCard is an American supplier of solutions in the healthcare industry and one of the leading medicine promoters in the US market. Being in between the largest pharmaceutical companies and end users (doctors, pharmacists, and patients), TrialCard offers automated solutions for data exchange between all chain participants, from manufacturers to buyers of the medical products.

Task and Solution

The complex document management system decreased the productivity of the TrialCard employees and slowed down the whole work process. With the aim to improve work efficiency, we created a CRM-system that automates work with documents, recipe data, pharmacy requests for medicine, and payments. The system has not only improved the company’s business processes but has also become a vital link in the production chain. Our specialists provide long-term support and are constantly improving the user experience.


Nordea is one of the largest banks in Northern Europe and the Baltic States with a complex structure of internal and external document flow.

Task and Solution

Taking into account a huge number of customers who use Nordea bank’s services every day, an electronic document management system should have become the base for multiple internal and external financial processes. The bank needed a modern search engine that could reduce the time it took to find necessary files among the millions of electronic documents of different types. We created a document indexing system without which the fast and convenient search would be simply impossible.


Iizi is one of the leading insurance brokers in Latvia and is included in top three insurance brokers in the Baltic States. Iizi is the intermediary between insurance companies and their existing and potential customers, offering modern and easy-to-use insurance products for movable and immovable property, health, and travel.

Task and Solution

The key to Iizi’s business is an electronic document management system that automates the company management business processes and the information exchange between its customers and the insurance companies. Our company provided the development and long-term support of the systems that ensure the daily work of the dozens of the employees who provide quality services in the field of insurance of customers’ life and property.

In each case, the systems created and supported by our company have become the key element in the customers’ businesses. We specialize in expanding the tools of each specific customer and perform tasks that increase the productivity of our customers’ employees and key business processes.

Tell us about your case, and we will help you to make your business even more successful!

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