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Insurance industry leading solutions

More than 10 years of experience working with leading Baltic companies in insurance industry gave us understanding of the best practices in implementing complex insurance products and demands of end users. We are responsible on the full stack of vehicle, health, real estate and travel insurance policy issuing process starting from e-commerce frontend, providing best offers on market, and ending with complex backend solutions for automating the processes of communicating to insurance and financial institutions.

Business Cases:


Iizi is one of the leading insurance brokers in Latvia and is included in top three insurance brokers in the Baltic States. Iizi is the intermediary between insurance companies and their existing and potential customers, offering modern and easy-to-use insurance products for movable and immovable property, health, and travel.

Task and Solution

The key to Iizi’s business is an electronic document management system that automates the company management business processes and the information exchange between its customers and the insurance companies. Our company provided the development and long-term support of the systems that ensure the daily work of the dozens of the employees who provide quality services in the field of insurance of customers’ life and property.


Unibrokker is running manapolise.lv - one of the most popular in Latvia MTPL and KASKO vehicle insurance selling web site. Their product provides high level of end user experience, making the process of purchasing vehicle insurance easy and reliable.

Task and Solution

Manapolise.lv services high availability is the key for end-customer satisfaction and insurance polices delivery on time. Our team is responsible for developing and support of key components of e-commerce web site as well as integrations to insurance and payment B2B services.

In each case, the systems created and supported by our company have become the key element in the customers’ businesses. We specialize in expanding the tools of each specific customer and perform tasks that increase the productivity of our customers’ employees and key business processes.

Tell us about your case, and we will help you to make your business even more successful!

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